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Anonymous asked: Hi, i was wondering what software do you use to color? and, do you paint traditionally sometimes? :)

i use photoshop for my digital color.
and yeah i do some traditional water color, i really like it. i did my first comics books in water coloŕ about 124 pages haha. after that i got a little overdose.

Anonymous asked: Would you ever consider putting together a book/zine of a group of your drawings--like for example your space drawings with the monkey--and selling it online or something? I'm sure there'd would be plenty of people willing to buy! :) Ah and I'd like to say I always love seeing your art when it comes up on my dashboard. Your work is always so visually interesting and expressive and your colors are so wonderful. Best wishes!

i think about that idea, but i want to do more than just put my tumblr sketches in a book. I want that there still free and accessible for everyone.
So i want to do something bigger, like use some sketches but adding some exlusive contents, like a little comics or something like that.
But i need more time and reflexion for that, and maybe consider a kickstarter to get money and make a really nice book.
So it’s something i want to do, but not know, i prefere to take my time and do something really cool, i hope.

Anonymous asked: Do you have a gun fetish or you just like the way guns look like?

haha interesting question. I don’t know how is a gun fetish, but i don’t think i’m one. I never bought any replica, or try a shooting range, and i’m totaaly again the free port of gun.
But yeah, i like how guns look like, in a fictional way. And in the script i am writing i talk about how guns can solve problems, and the conclusion is worst.

some sketches before the colour.

character research

answer time

chocolatelemming ask:
Hi, are there any books in english available?
Sorry, my books are only in french, i hope one day, some english publisher would translate it,
or i have to make an original project for an english publisher ( no suspence, i work on one, but nothing is signed yet).

mikekorsgren ask:
Hey thanks for responding to the questions! Not everyone does that.
Just one final question… Do have any special kind of music that you listen to when you draw? Thx
when i draw i love to listen some ost music from movies or games. i prefere without vocal, it have to transport as i am in a movie.
Each project i worked on, have it’s own music. Unfortunatly music is the only thing i regret that is not in comics.
Right now, i listen some ennio morricone ost, megaman ost, and perturbator.

dinosdoattack ask:
Haven’t seen your art before until I ran upon the apocalyptic inspired series of illustrations you posted the 5th June.
They’re really awesome, and I personally would love a
comic in the same style about the girl and her dog and their adventures in the wasteland : D ..
I wish you luck with your future endeavors!
Thanks ! i am working on something hehe, stay tune.

Ano ask:
man you are amazing!! :3 <3
love you too ano !!

Ano ask:
hi, what do you think it takes to be a successful artist,
besides talent and hard work? any advice? i been trying real hard and practicing since i can remember and
not even my mon wants to see my draws T.T (sorry, english is no my native languaje. i love you works! :D)
as you said work is important. But there a few things that’s really important too.
-be passionned, you have to love have you do, and passion can be feel in drawing. i mean, there are excellent drawer, but you feel that they
do it without passion. And sometimes you felt in love of drawings that aren’t technically perfect, but you feel the passion, the life in the character,
'cause the guy who made it love his characters.
-be open minded, observe everything you can, be interested in all kind of thing, bad and good. I think a good drawer is at first a good observer of the world.
-never give up, simply, nothing is easy, and failure is normal.

ano ask:
You’ve drawn stuff inspired by cheesy american films and southern american culture, what do you like about these subjects?
I don’t really know, i think is just that i grew up with this kind of movie, and i was fascinated.

ano ask:
In a post you said that the robot you drew was inspired by A.Wood. Who/what is A.Wood?
it’s Ashley Wood, an awesome painter and illustrator.

american-apparel-sex-wario ask:
I found your tumblr through the Jun/dog post. Does the dog have a name? I fell in love with your art and designs immediately,
and was so glad to see that you work on Spera! My gf and I read it religiously & we love how it showcases different
artists on different stories. We’d be really into a story about Jun if you made one!
We go to Wasteland Weekend every year and are really into the post-apoc genre.
Thanks for sharing your talent with the world! We look forward to wherever it takes you!
Thanks a lot ! i hope you will like the next issu of spera, i only did an illustration, but 2 goods friends made a chapter, and it’s really good !

i’m taking a little break about the eyed patch girl sketches (but i have a bunch of sketches to put in colours). So something different today !

And yeah the robot are inspired by A.Wood hehe.

Anonymous asked: So, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Energy drinks are a thing now?

it’s for the 20th years anniversary i think, but as you can imagine it’s like any other energy drinks, i bought it only for the can. i’m so weak…

i don’t know if i have to add more about my supplies ?
and about the tuto, it need time, and i know that i’m clear when i want to explain myself. 
Next time, real sketches, i promise, no more talking.

theneatstuffs said: Is that a ThreeA robot in the back?
yeah, i finally find a store in tokyo who sells theses toys, i’m so happy.

Anonymous asked: Hey i just started following you i like your artwork looks so sime and so detailed at the same time but im not sure if thats a comic book? Or what ? i would like tp know

hey !
the most of the sketches i post here isn’t from a comic. It’s only research, sketches, maybe for a comics, but not right now.
you can fin here some of my real comic books