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little break time, some research for a cool video game projet by Pascal Blanché #STARDUST

Anonymous asked: you don't have to reply, but I just wanted to know that I'm absolutely in love with the little comic sketches you've just posted recently! ; o ; I didn't comment on the one before because I thought it was just a oneshot or throwaway warmup thing, but it's really astounding to me how your cutesy, simple little characters with their fat little fingers and Popeye arms and can be so... real. It's devastating and I love it ; A ;

i have to respond to that.
And for all of you who sending so kind message.
Thanks a lot everyone !!

Anonymous asked: Your art is amazing! where can i read buy your stuffffffffffffffffffffff?!!!

try amazon, or on my publisher website http://www.label619.com/fr/auteurs/guillaume-singelin
maybe they do international shipping !

Anonymous asked: i was just curious and wondering, have you ever been through a slump? you draw so much. have there ever been times where you just couldn't anymore, or you just didn't want to anymore. i've been drawing all my life and i was sure this would be the only constant thing in my life but, lately, i've just suddenly stopped, like that. and as much as i feel like i want to, i can't draw anymore, not like i used to. i still might have the envy, but i'm just unable to put on paper and express it.

yeah sure it happen some times. but it was for short time (like a week, maybe 2). I don’t how is it for you.
But i think it’s normal, we can’t draw always, sometimes there is a saturation. I just try to not push to hard, and clean my mind, doing something totally different.
I think it’s just some dark moment, but if you drawn all your life, it can’t disappear like that. Don’t be worry !

sorry, the pages are very small …

Anonymous asked: Hey ! It's kind of a stupid question, but I was wondering... Do you usually draw on A3 or on A4 paper format (or other) when you're drawing a comic like The Grocery ? Because most of my friend use the A3 format... Goodbye and Pretty work by way. ;)

aaaaalways in A4, i love to draw in little, with small pen, and it’s easier to scan … i’m so lazy sometimes.

Anonymous asked: hi! i am a big fan of your style! I got inspired by all those sketches you put and i thank you so much for sharing them. I am working on my first comic now, may i ask if i can send you a copy in the future and get your professional feedback? and how would you like to have it sent. thanks! <3

Sure man, it will be with pleasure.
And anyone, if you want to contact me directly for any subject, my email adress is on the tumblr (blacksad90@gmail.com), don’t hesitate !

currycarrots asked: I noticed in your answers, you mentioned a publisher. Did they come to you or did you propose to them? I'm just curious to know how you got yourself started to where you are now, as an awesome storyteller and artist!

I’m a super lucky, when is was 20 years old, i was student, and one day a writer and a publisher contact me to do my first comics.
It was a illustrator and friend who talked to them about me.
Since that first publication i have the chance to never really search for publisher.

submarineoctopus asked: have you ever thought about drawing porco rosso? i think it would really fit into your art style!

i have probably too admiration for porco rosso to do a fanart. I haven’t nothing to add or stylize. Porco is perfect !

amanofletters asked: I wish to express my admiration of your arts. I love the way the intense and often painful subject matter is matched to a seemingly clashing "cute" style, but something about it makes it uniquely evocative to me. I think the character's large eyes and softer features help to bring out the emotion of the situation in a more striking way. If you ever collect Jun's adventures into a book (whether a story or an art book), I would buy it straight away.

you totally get it.
I think it can be a good mash up between a cartoon/expressive style and a mature subject. I hope it will works. In my Previous comics serie “Tthe Grocery”, it’s something that i worked too. The character looks like muppet but in story like “The Wire”.
It really something i want to go deeper.

I hope Jun’s story become a book one day too ^^ .