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choclate-ink asked: shall we be seeing more of this dark souls mini comic or was it a one time thing. If yes you should do a small spinet for every " interesting event" you encounter maybe even one for a part of the game where you repeatedly die show off the hollowing effect. may you thread carefully around each corner shield in hand for thou not know what form of creature shall seek your soul.

i would love to do that, if i find time, i really want to do a dark souls comics, and as you said, more little stories, anecdote, stupid die, contemplation and no a big epic story.
I am talking with an indie editor who love dark souls too. So … maybe …one day ….

i’ve juste arrived at tokyo, so i didn’t have the time to really work and i’m still waiting for my desk. My current work station is cute, but not very fonctionnal. 
So today, just a little sketches.
I hope better next time fellows !

i’ve started to play Dark Souls (the first one) a few weeks ago. Like a lot a people knows and says, it’s one of the greatest game. Can’t wait to play the second one.

An ano ask what happens with the little space guy and his monkey.
2 months ago, a very nice indie editor ask me to write a story, so i did about 10 little illustrations. But at the moment i have to write the text, i found my story pretty bad. So i have decided to stop it, an think about a new better story.
And also ‘cause i prefere my research sketches than my final illustration. So here’s some research that i don’t think i have posted yet.
Peow, next time for sure : ) !!

Anonymous asked: Any plans for an Eyepatch-Girl comic... or seven?:)

hehehe maybe, i ‘m working on, but nothing is signed.

Anonymous asked: Hi, I fell in with your Batwoman drawings, absolutely amazing. I was wondering what your take on Wonder Woman would be like?

i think that i never read any books with wonder woman. So i don’t know if the character can really inspire me.

Anonymous asked: ur illos sooo doope!!

thanks ano 

Anonymous asked: There's such an appreciation for fashion in your latest black and gold pictures (which I love)- are you really keen on collecting lots of different styles/prints for reference or is your imagination just that powerful?

hehe, unfortunatly no, i haven’t this powerful imagination.
I follow a few tumblr about street fashion, and a friend gives me some books about japanses kimono pattern.
But in fact, i love collecting references, it’s one of the moment when i work on a project that i prefere ^^.

juliep0wers asked: Do you do commissions?

Not really, i haven’t time right know.
and i’m not really good at doing commissions, but i ‘ll have to try, … later.