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by guillaume singelin

Hi guys, i don’t post a lot about Jun lately, but i got pretty good news about Trauma Soldier. And i got a lot of work to end my next book, it will be some pretty busy weeks soon.
So a little something today, i have to do some fake ad for my comics book, and it’s very fun !

Anonymous asked: salut cher Guillaume! pardonne moi mon mauvaise français, mais je t'adore trops! je suis vraiment très heureuse d'avoir trouvée un artiste comme toi. j'adoooore tous que tu fais et surtout j'adore que tu es très très gentile et que tu réponds a tous les questions de ton admirateurs. c'est fantastique que il y a des artistes comme toi qui n'ont pas peur de parler de leur creations. alors: merci pour tous que tu fais!! bisous

one of the cutest message, you’re french is very good too.
Thanks a lot, and thanks for your support, it means a lot to me.
I try to respond to most question, and i’m sorry for those who still wait for answer, guys i don’t forget you, i wil respond to you one day !!

gentlegiantg asked: Awesome blog dude can u give any advice on being an animator or graphic novelist like what mediums i should use and what type of mediums u use for coloring your comics

i can’t give advice for any medium. Try everything you can, and find the one that give you a good feeling.

Anonymous asked: Is it weird that I've always pictured you as a girl?

no, not really, but did you like more my work when you though i was a girl ?
and now that you know that i’m a boy, is it change something ?

Anonymous asked: Will you date me?

where to ? i want a nice place.

Anonymous asked: Are you single?

you are on fire ano !

Anonymous asked: Follow me?

where to ?

Anonymous asked: Want to collab on an art piece?

not enough information to say yes or no dear ano .

quick note !

Anonymous asked: Thanks for being a person.

yeah, boy or girl is not important, and i hope you’re a person too ano